Am I the most important thing in my world?

Are you the most important thing in yours?


So far away
Who can say
If that is how our lives will stay?

I don’t know how
I got here now

But come what may
I hope and pray
That we will meet again some day.  


Why are we at odds with nature?  Why is it that that which we create inevitably destroys it?

Is this the yin and the yang? Necessarily and inextricably intertwined, yet also determined to destroy each other?

Yes nature too works against us. Erosion, decay, aging, and sickness are all nature’s destruction of us and our creations. Can there ever be true harmony?

Even without our presence here, is life harmonious or simply more balanced?

There is a food web that contains everything. Kill or be killed, eat or be eaten. Does this apply for a virus?

Everything needs to consume somehow to live. Consume and excrete, that is the primary natural law.

Even in the solar system consume energy, create waste byproduct is the primal law. Yet overall there is conservation of matter in which it is neither created nor destroyed. And matter is, in some quantity, equal to energy.

So overall there is conservation of energy as well. Everything excretes and consumes, yet overall there is balance.

So too must it be like for our race, our world, and our lives.

Whatever we consume we must put back in some way.

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

Paul McCartney


Every time we drive down a road, we place our own lives in the hands of other’s survival instinct and will to live.  One slip is all it takes, one mistake, a few feet, and nearly certain instant death.  Yet we trust hundreds and thousands of people throughout our life to hold in high regard their own lives, so that ours too will be preserved and continue on.  It’s an amazing thing.


I may die.

Mother may I.

With a sigh I try and cry,

To learn to fly is the only why,

But with a lie I can’t deny it’s flawed from the start,

So it seems I was not so smart.


Alone in the woods, there is no one to not want you, no one to push you away, no one to refuse to open themeselves to you.

There is no one to not tell you what they really think, feel, and want.

There is no one.

No one but nature herself who never rejects.

Even in death she does not reject.

From whenst we come, so do we return.

Alone we begin, alone we end, and perhaps alone between is also best for some.


Falling – Julee Cruise

Big Bang

Impossibly small slices of time after the something-from-nothing beginning of our existence there was matter and anti-matter annihilating each other.  God is the beginning, the bang, the something that replaced the nothing. The matter and anti-matter battle is heaven and hell fighting for control of our newly born universe.  In the end, one was victorious, but just barely.


Great art is a spark of genius fueled by immense quantities of patience and persistence.


I love you. I love your soul and your spirit. I love the beauty that you are, and the beauty that you leave behind, every time you create something.

It is as if you are a flower, floating through time and space, shedding petals as you move along. One minute I see you and you are here, the next you are gone and only a petal is left behind. Perhaps you are still moving. Perhaps not.  I cannot see you now, but what you have left behind I keep, and will cherish dearly as I myself move along as well.