A thousand suns

Sparkle in your eyes

Radiant and cunning

The glow, mesmerize

Shining waves, my soul engage

Tingling heart, palpitate

Deeply plunge, shed, expunge

Softly high we fly

Past grace spire’s sky

Drink in and climb

To moments, sublime

Bubbling bubbly

Wavelengths align

The hint of a future

Time for a sign

So forward with life

And remembering fades

Out come skeletons, specters, and shades

Pasts to escape

Paths to create

Connection afar

Effort and stakes

The seed is perfection

Slow growing for now

Shine sun eyes upon me

Then truth you will know


When writing the story of your life don’t let anyone else hold the pen

— Unknown


There’s a mountain between us.

I’ve climbed it before,

but this time it’s big.

So big it blocks out the sky,

and any hope for a ray of light.

Perhaps this time,

I’ll just turn and take another path.